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We are a church creative networking group with a mission to provide a safe place for Christian creatives in the Atlanta area and beyond. We strive to support one another, grow as a collective unit, collaborate, and spread the message of Jesus creatively and effectively.

Lunch and Learn Film Lighting Class

It's never too late to learn about lighting and film, and it's never too early for a refresher! Join us on September 21st for a Lunch & Learn event. It's the perfect opportunity to get hands-on experience with professional lighting gear and to connect with others.
Register at the link below!

don't create alone

Are you a creative?

Atl Church Creatives is a creative community that thrives to connect creatives in person and online.

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We host meetups, workshops, services, and more, so we can build a community that fosters creativity and growth.We meet for breakfast every Monday in a different area of the city (see the map). If there's a fifth Monday, we bring it back home to the ATL.

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We've got merch! Click the shirt to visit our store and show others your creativity with hats and tees.

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don't just create, collaborate


Whether you're in Atlanta or OTP, online or in-person, we have a place for you. Together, we learn from each other, host small groups and worship services, and bounce ideas off each other. ATL Church Creatives is a place to connect and create.

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